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Have you ever wondered why the name “Cabanas de Vendaval”? Barizo is a territory in which two activities of the primary sector are practiced, such as fishing and agriculture. Regarding the first, it has a small port to protect small boats from bad weather. Years ago it was more active than today, which is concentrated mainly in the port of Malpica. Among the professionals of the sea in this corner, barnacles and people who fish octopuses stands out. Others are dedicated to collecting algae. Among the seafarers who leave the port of Malpica, two expressions predominate: “we are going towards a gale” when they head west for Galicia passing through Barizo, or also “pulling northeast” which means that they are heading to Coruña. The expression “gale” is due to the strong winds that suddenly blow from the west. If, on the contrary, the winds blow from the northeast, they report that an anticyclone arrives.

In this sense, the Punta Nariga Lighthouse becomes a must-see. It is the most modern lighthouse in Galicia, since it was the last to rise. Living the sunset with the Sisargas islands in front and the sea hitting the rocks is a magical moment. Although if it is a windy day … it’s time to hold on!

On the other hand, in Barizo, large onion plantations predominate, as well as places to try them. It has the only restaurant on the “Slope of Death” with a Michelin star, such as “The Garzas”, as well as a “Basque House” where one can pay a good tribute, and a “Xan Bar” that succeeds with its savouries.

The “Insua Mount” and the beaches of Barizo and Seiruga complete the road map to follow through this parish of Malpica. In relation to the waves, you cannot miss the rainbow when it is reflected in them. Barizo meets all the conditions that make the colorful phenomenon possible without the need for rain to intervene. But the municipality offers much more!

Places to visit in Malpica:

The town and its port, the “Watchtower” and the beaches “Greater Sand” and “Canido”
The “Sisargas Islands”
“Riverside Mills”
The “Viewpoint of Saint Adrian”
The “Pottery of Buño”
The  “Stone Dolmen of the Ark”
“Fisherman’s house”
Beaches “As Torradas”, “Os Riás”, “San Miro”, “Seaia”, “Beo” and “The Sisargas”
“Mens Towers”
“Croa do Castro”
Church of “Santiago de Mens”

In addition, the town of Malpica is located one step from the city of Corunna and another from Santiago, so the options for fun become endless!