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Malpica offers multiple options to activate you. Take note!

Aquatic: The seabed of Malpica offers a very rich biodiversity. The company “Malpica Diving” explores the “Mahé`s Boat” and the “Sisargas Islands”, among other places. In addition, the beaches of “Bigger Sand” and “Seaia” are among the best in the region to ride the waves. Silfo Surf Camp and One Surf Academy get the best out of it. Surca organizes fishing trips and boat and kayak rides.

Hiking and cycling: Malpica has many well-groomed trails by the sea with unique views. The “Headlights Path”, the route of the “Sea Pines” and the path from Malpica to Saint Adrian are some of them. The Traski Association and Malpica Salitre organize activities of this type.

Pottery: This municipality has a treasure in Buño with pottery. It has preserved the tradition of working with clay from the 16th century until today, becoming in the largest pottery town in Galicia. The Forno do Forte Ecomuseum and the various shops are some of the must-see places. Pottery Creare is one of the establishments that offer a workshop for creating pieces.

Seamanship crafts: The town of Malpica has a significant number of people dedicated to the sea. Its activity can be seen live in the port, in the place of the netters, in the fish market or in the sailors’ booths themselves. The netters divided into two associations, O Fieital and Island Sea, also sometimes offer workshops to get up close to their work, sometimes converted into modern crafts.

Parties: Malpica has a wide range of parties. From traditional ones such as Corpus Christi, Saint Adrian and of Sea, to more modern ones such as that of Youth. The festival commission Estádiga organizes most of them. The sample of the pottery of Buño, the Galician and the Medieval Fair are also very important, among many others that take place in the different parishes.

The City Council and local entities such as the Malante Cultural Association, AC Carcaxía and Raigañas, among others, carry out different recreational-sports-cultural activities throughout the year.